SEO is about delivering value

The initial post was an overall introduction to SEO and looked at one core concept in SEO: how to earn Google's trust. This post will be going into more depth in this topic, examining the Pyramid of Trust.

To earn Google's trust, you have to consistently prove to Google that you deliver value to your users. Value is a vital term in the world of SEO, and can't be emphasized enough. When dealing with SEO you have to focus on delivering an exceedingly high amount of value if you want to succeed. Simply put, get rid of the assumption that you can do the least amount of work and achieve the greatest return. You have to do the greatest amount of work, and accept a low return - at first at least.

Got it - now what?

All right, so trust comes through value, and value comes through great content. What else? There are another three factors involved when it comes to building Google's trust. The following illustration is what is often refered to as the Pyramid of Trust and highlights four important factors of earning Google's trust:


A website’s authority is all about its popularity of links. Moreover, link popularity is made up of several components such as the amount of links, the PageRank (this will be explained later on) of those links, how relevant those links are and the content it comes from, etc.


Google trustworthiness in your domain is also determined by the age of the website. In this case, age is determined by the initial date that Google indexed your content or webpage.


Does you content deliver value to the World? Google has algorithms to determine how well-researched, well-written etc. your content is.


The last piece of the equation. How relevant is you content to a user’s specific search? This depends on the previous factors, and we’ll get back to this later.

Thus building Google's trust is based on these four components, where three of them lay basis for the fourth. Obviously, you can't just change the age of your domain, however, you can definitely influence the authority and content part.

Next time we’ll look have a look at the content part to improve SEO; how to write an great piece of content that delivers value to your users (this cannot be emphasized enough :)).